series of sculptures

wood, acrylic 

2020 – 2022

The black zoomorphic figures constructed from various wooden pieces of different lengths create an intense form with a barely visible border. These peculiar creatures are permanent inhabitants of my latest installations. While they uniquely fit into each new work narrative, «ghosts» have their own conceptual line. «Vibrant Matter», a metaphor by an American political theorist and philosopher Jane Bennett, has inspired me to create these beings. In her book of the same name, she describes the concept of vitalistic materialism that erases any border between living and inanimate matter. After all, modern views on the world imply that any material, even that seems most inert, has the power to act somehow, meaning that it affects the surrounding matter on a biological, chemical, and physical level. This is the point of view with no hierarchy between the stone, a human body, or the apple core rotting in landfills. All elements are interconnected, forming a single fluid, vibrant life. Bennett, through the metaphor of vibrant matter, creates a project for political ecology. My intentions as an artist are to translate ecological perception through a sculpture. As an artist, I intend to transmit an ecological perception through sculptural objects.