Alexey Martins

Born in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) in 1989. Based in London. Graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Krasnoyarsk Art School and the Free Workshops Contemporary Art School of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


In his practice, Martins engages with a distinctive set of materials, techniques and subjects that reveal the dynamic tension between civilization and nature. He considers all of his works in different media, as inherently connected parts of a single social and aesthetic project – a meditation on ecologic cataclysms, the ambivalent status of a human being in the system of organic life, regional identity and unifying potential of art.


In 2015, Martins got onto the short list of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination “Young Artist. Project of the Year”.

In 2017, Alexey Martins became the winner of the annual Ruinart Art Patronat Award Contest in the field of contemporary art. 


Martins’ works are found at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Contemporary Arts Krasnoyarsk

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