Black cloud



Ecology can be called the main challenge of the day, remaining on the agenda. Minds of many people have been occupied by this: from politicians and ecologists to philosophers and artists, which in its turn creates a whole network of different approaches to this problem. Classical ecology often boils down to criticizing the human impact on the environment and trying to work out a project for rational environmental management. They are opposed by some philosophical projects of environmental criticism, which see the heart of the problem in the very model of thinking. They believe that a positive project of nature salvation not only puts a person in a privileged position in relation to nature, but the very concept of "nature" falsely excludes man from an ecosystem. A whole «swarm» of similar projects, such as "dark ecology" and "inhuman anthropology", are trying to achieve full environmental awareness. The task of artistic practice is to develop its own meta-discursive approach to this topic and create a dynamic image of modernity. As for me, I see intensive spaces as the actual manifestation of such combination, which can be collected from an industrial bar, resembling ruined soil or a crystallized cloud of smoke, in which you can simultaneously distinguish the image of the ecological threat hanging over humanity and the graphic image of the audio track, as an echo of the multi-voiced ecological discourse.